Aiswarya Navagraha Pooja

What is Aiswarya Navagraha Pooja ?

This was the holy ritual performed by ancient sages of vedic lore to achieve prosperity and wealth by removing evil planetary afflictions on birth chart.

Trinity of Hindu puranas viz Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnus and Lord Siva are appeased through the correct observance of this ritual and any impending ill fate is kept at bay by influencing 'Navagrahas' i.e nine celestial planets.

Ancient sages called this ritual 'Vairagya Annadanam' since only this pooja has the potential to nullify the fierce on slaughts of fate of renunciation, which makes many millionaires a pauper overnight.

Who can perform this pooja ?

Ordinary Navagraha poojas are plenty but bring very little benefit. They can be performed by all and does not require any special penance or powers.

But 'Aiswarya Navagraha poooja can be done only by the sage selected by God in each yugas. He should have completed minimum 12 years of penance i.e, total fasting without water for 3 days during the time of new moon, and partial fasting for 10 days during the time of full moon. He should also must observe strict vow of silence during this entire period.

The only sage who is entitled to perform this secret and most powerful pooja is Gurubaba - the ultimate refuge.

What are the penances observed by Gurubaba ?

Gurubaba abstains from food and water for 3 days starting from the 13th day after full moon to 1st day after new moon. He abstains from food and water for 10 days starting from the 14th day after new moon to 9th day after full moon daily for sixteen hours a day. Apart from this he is on total fasting without water and both the 'Ekadasi' i,e 11th lunar day and 'Shashti' as the 6th lunarday. Again he fasts for 16 Hours on Tuesdays and Fridays. One majority of the remaining days he lives without cooked food and eats only raw vegetables, raw wheat and fruits during this period.

In short he is on fasting for 2/3 of an year and consumes cooked food for only 90 days in a year.


Another Stipulation in vedas for performing this pooja is that the sage who does this pooja should not enjoy the offerings from devotees but should live from what he earns through his profession.

This condition also is strictly abided by Gurubaba. He never use a single paise from the offerings from devotees to meet his personal expenses. He lives from the income earned through his profession as an engineer, by drawing rare and wonderful sketches for buildings. In fact Gurubaba is not able to meet the demands from devotees for building plans due to lack of time.

How severe are the rituals ?

Devotees does not have to play any role in the rituals. The entire pooja is done secretly during 'Rahu' time every day in the ever burning Homakundam inside the locked sanctorum of Gurubaba.

During the Pooja, according to the degree of evil afflictions of the devotees, Gurubaba`s suffering increases. Many a time he used to faint for entire day in an attempt to save the ill fated devotee. Much of the evils he absorbs into his physical body and on many occasions, his body will be so hot that for hours together will be covered with wet towels. Still Gurababa will not retrace a single step from his effort to save the poor soul.

What are the prasadams of the Pooja ? How it should be used?

a) A special amulet containing Tanthrik drawings intended to keep at bay evil spirit generated by enemies. This can be worn around the waist.

b) A Tanthrik chart containing various mysterious Symbols which can be kept in purse or can be pasted in dairy or on vehicles.

c) A golden coloured coin specially blessed with eight types of yogaswara pooja to bring wealth. This can be kept inside safe or in purse.

d) White Sesame(Ellu) offered to nine celestial planets. This should be taken along with breakfast for 7 days after new moon.

e) The most powerful 111 beaded Japamala(Rosary)

This is specially meant for the Kaliyuga where dharma has dwindled and sufferings of mankind is multiplied day by day.

This holy rosary safe guards the devotee from any impending danger and is to be kept in pocket, purse, belt or hand bag always. It should not be worn on neck. While sleeping this should be kept under the pillow.

Daily chanting on Japamala i.e rosary will bring success in any field. while chanting index finger should not touch the beads, but chanting to be done with thumb and middle finger or ring finger.

No untouchabilty is associated with this and can be used during the time of mensturation also.

Being the Avatar(Divine incarnation) of Kaliyuga, Gurababa has the right to bless devotees with III beaded rosary. 108 beaded rosary was in practice in Dwaparayuga instituted by Lord Krishna. Lord Sri Rama used to pray with 101 beaded 'Japamala' in Threthayuga.

How to get the Pooja done ? What is the expense ?

Devotees desirous of getting blessed by this pooja can send MO/DD to "GURUBABA ASHRAM, MAMMIYOOR, GURUVAYUR, TRICHUR DIST, KERALA". The amount required for Pooja is Rs 333/- and Rs 25/- should be added as postal charge. Prasadam will be sent by post; Hence address should be written neatly and legibly. Star and age also to be mentioned.

It is in the best interest of devotees to continue the pooja at regular intervals. if done every month evil spirits can be kept at bay. Once in two months will bring prosperity.

Note : People having debts beyond repaying capacity and not having regular income should do this pooja from savings deposited inside a box. Never attempt to get this pooja done with borrowed money or money generated by selling or pledging ornaments.

What is to be done with old prasadam when pooja is done for the second time ?

Amulet shoud be thrown to running water. Tantrik chart if not pasted should be burnt. Gold coloured coin and rosary should be returned to ashram for donating to poor devotees.

What are the benefits from this pooja ?

Devotees can escape from the clutches of follwing 'Doshas' or ill fates if the pooja is done at regular intervals.

a) Affictions of Saturn - the evil planet:

Repeated failure, Loss of welath humiliation, estrangement are some of the evil; effects of Saturn. To escape from the evils of Saturn, people wear gems or observe fasting on saturdays. The sure and certain antidote for the evils of Saturn is neither or these, but getting 'Aiswarya Navagraha pooja' done at regular intervals.

b) Ill fated houses :

Living in houses which are architecturally defective will create problems for residents. Sometimes they may even suffer from chronic diseases which are resistant to treatment. At other times a newly constructed house will turn to an inferno due to ever increasing burdens, liabilities and sufferings. To avoid all these problems it is better to continue 'Aiswarya Navagraha Pooja or Viragya Annadam'

c) Fatal diseases :

Many diseases does not respond to treatments even by superior doctors and costly drugs. This is due to the evil afflictions in their birth chart. Definite improvement can be achieved by donating towards 'Vairagya Annadanam' and using prasadams as stipulated.

d) Impediments in wed lock :

When mars remains i the 2nd , 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th sign of zodiac, it either obstructs marriage or if married leads to unhappy married life. The surest remedy for this 'Chovva Dosham' is nothing but 'Aiswarya Navagraha Pooja'

e) Set backs in Educations :

It is a common sight that children who are studious and hard working suddenly fall off their track and become lazy. One of the causes for this is evil influence of planets which can be rectified through 'Aiswarya Navagraha Pooja'.


Being an abode of God where the vedic rites and scriptures are strictly followed, Gurubaba Ashram never uses any amount received by way of 'Aiswarya Navagraha Pooja' for development of Ashram, but distributes the amount to the poor and needy by way of pension, mass feeding, financial assistance etc.This is the surest and the finest way to please God Almighty.

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