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Unique ways of blessing from Gurubaba

Devotees can feel the presence and obtain the blessings of Gurubaba in three different ways.This sidhi is very unique to Guru Baba. The foremost of this is the appearances in the form of butterflies. Butterflies appear before devotees to give them blessing and to warn them of any impending danger or grief. Black coloured bigger ones indicate bad omens and it would be better to withdraw from present plans or actions. If smaller butterflies appears indicates that it would be better to have a re thinking of present plan or action to be executed. If butterflies encircle our head it is an indication that Gurubaba has accepted our prayers. The second way of blessing includes emergence of fragrances. Blessing by Gurubaba is indicated by the smell of sandalwood which would fill the air in an around us. Warning regarding any danger or misfortune is indicated by bad odour and we need to be more cautious in our actions. The Third form of blessing includes variations in the taste of our saliva. Sweetness in saliva indicates good time or good fortune. Bitterness indicates bad situation or an evil time.

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