Early Life

Born as the son of a strict atheist, Gurubaba was proud to follow the foot steps of his father. At the age of 13 he broke all the photos of Gods kept in his house for worshipping by his mother. He put out the holy lamp lit by his mother to Lord Sri Rama, saying the oil can be given to poor instead of wasting this way. Mother prayed with tearful eyes. She started to visit astrologists. All the famous astrologists she visited after examining her son`s horoscope predicted the same "This horoscope is most extra ordinary. Your son will conquer world not as an atheist, but by climbing the pinnacles of spirituality".

But nothing materialised. By the age of twenty Gurubaba was a confirmed atheist. He desecrated the Bhagavathy Temple at Thonniakavu by urinating on the altar, broke the rosaries and humiliated the devotees of Lord Ayyappa and mocked holymen. He was beaten up by the devotees of Lord Krishna, when he reached Guruvayur along with a gang of rationalists demanding closure of temple.

Darsan of Lord Sri Rama

At the age of twenty five accompanying some of his friends. Gurubaba for the first time in his life entered the sanctum sanctorum of a temple; famous and ancient temple of Sri Rama at Triprayar. He was totally ignocrant regarding the customs to be followed inside the temple. He refused to pray and tied his hands on his back and stared at the Sri Rama idol, much to the agony of his friends. But what he experienced during his very first visit to the temple was unique, mysterious and unprecedented. Lord Sri Rama greeted him by garlanding. Still Gurubaba refused to believe in God. However, he started to vist the temple daily with hands tied on back. The experience was repeated on all days. Still he did not change his belief, but considered this as mere hallucination and decided to consult a good doctor.

Viswa roopa Darshan of Lord Krishna

One day an old man seeing him inside the temple staring at the idol asked what is wrong. Gurubaba told him everything. The old man was surprised to hear such unprecedented experiences and immediately recognised that Gurubaba was not an ordinary human being. He implored Gurubaba to visit Lord krishna temple at Guruvayur.

on his very first vist to Guruvayur temple, Lord Krishna greeted Gurubaba by garlanding and blessed him with 'Viswaroopa Darshan'. There after he visted the famous Devi Temple at Kodungallur, where Goddess kali appeared before him and garlanded him. Also Devi reminded him about his holy mission of saving the world, and the reasons for his taking birth on earth. She advised him to follow vedic way of realising God.

Atheist to ascetic - Mission of God

Gurubaba now had no other way but to believe. He left his ancestral house, became strict vegetarian and started to live in a room near Triprayar Sri Rama Temple. He was an engineer by profession and was earning big money. But all this he used to donate to poor and needy.

In Search of Guru

Shortly after his last visit to Sabarimala, Gurubaba distributed all his wealth to poor and decided to go to Himalayas. He walked barefoot two and half lakh miles, extensively all over india, in search of a Guru, but could not find one fitting his standards.

Darshan of Mookambika- Goddess of wisdom and prosperity

Gurubaba wandered through in accessible and dense forests and did intense Tapas. Goddess mookambika pleased by the determination and penance of Gurababa appeared before him at chithramoola cave inside the dense forests of kudajadri. This was only the third direct Darshan of Goddess Mookambika in Kaliyuga and also the last. The blessed sages who got Devi Darshan before are Sage Kola, and Adi Shankaracharya who advocated 'advaita'

Sri Mookambika showered boones on Gurubaba and Confided precious 'Moola Mantras' by which Gurubaba can perform Yagas and Yagnas to alleviate the sorrows of mankind.

Many wonderful events happened during his stay of six months in chitramoola cave. All these will be published shortly

Re-incarnation and eternal vow of Silence

One day sitting in deep trance on the banks of holy Ganga in Rishikesh, Gurubaba was sub merged in the ice-cold water of Ganga. He was brought back to life after one and half hours by Devi Ganga and Goddess Mookambika.There after as per the promise given to Mookambika, Gurubaba took the vow of eternal and soverign silence for the rest of his life.

Transformation as Dakshineshwara.

GuruBaba Wondered through the ice clad valleys of Himalaya and met many mystics and reached places where nobody dared to venture.

Sitting naked on ice slabs in the deep recesses of Pathala Ganga i.e, the Ganges , where the temperature goes below-200 C, for four days and nights continiously, facing South, Gurubaba finally won the blessing of God Yama(the God of death) and was confided wtih unique 'Sidhis' to Conquer death.

There after Gurubaba transformed as 'Dakshineswara'. Facing South he showers blessing on all the devotees thronging his abode in search of Solace in Gurubaba the ultimate refuge.

Establishing Ashrams

Endowed with rare and most powerful Sidhis unknown to anybody on earth, and attaining the power to know the past, present and future , Gurubaba now had no barriers to achieve whatever he wished.

But following the foot steps of ancient sages of vedic lore, Gurubaba preferred to remain annonymous and was averse to publicity.

He went round places, occassionaly saving people who last all hopes in life, with strict instructions not to reveal anything. But slowly the news spread. Gurubaba was forced to give 'Darshan' to devotees at various places. Still he was against establishing Ashram and preferred to wander from place to place.

Consenting to the request of some of the close devotees, Gurubaba was agreed to establish Ashram in Ganesa mangalam and pudukkottai for a short while. Both were closed as Gurubaba again decided to return to Himalayas to complete his Tapas.

Finally in 1997, by the mission of God, events precipitated in to Gurubaba returning to Kerala and establishing Gurubaba Ashram at Guruvayur much to the relief and joy of thousands of devotees.

Withdrawing to solitude

After giving Darshan for two and half years, Gurubaba withdraw himself into the seclusion of a locked room in the upstairs of Gurubaba Ashram.

Next Holy Darshan of Gurubaba will be in 2025(on the day of Maha Kumbha Mela). Till such time 'Nishayoga' will continue.

Being the 'Agnihothgri' of Kaliyuga, Gurubaba Spends time in his Self imposed cocoons of silence, doing Tapas and performing, Yagas and Yagnas in the ever-burning 'Homa Kunda' - the holy pit of fire, and gives advices to devotees to over come their problems, alleviate their sorrows and to fulfill their wishes.

Consecration of Dakshineswara idol and Tsunami.

Dakshineswara idol was consecrated in Gurubaba Ashram in Nov 2001, due to the incessant clamour of devotees.

The idol is consecrated as facing South direction. Apart from showering blessing on devotees, this most extra ordinary and Tantrik idol got the power to save Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple from 'Tsunami' of 2067.

This was revaled by Gurubaba. The most fierce and destructive 'Tsunami' will hit the coastal area of Kerala in 2067. Gigantic tidal waves reaching to heights of 120 feet will devour Kilometeres of costal land and will cause the death of more than 12 lakhs of people. Guruvayur temple will also be a prey to the calamity.

But because of the Tanthrik power of 'Dakshineswara' idol and blessings of Gurubaba, Guruvayur temple will escape from 'Tsunami'. But it will not be possible to eradicate the 'Tsunami' in toto.

Many mysterious events happened during the time of consecration of 'Dakshineswara' idol for which many of the devotees are witnesses. These can be read later under the head 'Lore of Dakshineswara Temple - the ultimate refuge.'

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